Three New Solar-Log™

Protect your investment with Solar-Log® photovoltaic monitoring solutions

Solar Data Systems, the world leader in installed PV monitoring systems, is introducing a new family of Solar-Log monitoring systems. They feature new LCD displays that permit installers to see continuous operating status during installation.


New at Solar Power International

Solar-Log 300 - Solution for residential plants up to 15 kW regardless of quantity of inverters


Solar-Log 1200 - Solution for commercial plants up to 100 kW with color touchscreen


Solar-Log 2000 - Solution for utility-scale plants up to 2 MW and 100 inverters with color touchscreen


Solar-Log Dashboard - Animated display of all relevant PV plant information at a glance including: Plant yield, CO2 savings and plant performance comparison with other energy producing or consuming sources such as electric car chargers and heat pumps


Solar-Log Android APP - Offers attractive mobile PV plant monitoring via smartphone


Solar-Log 300 DataSheet
Solar-Log 1200 DataSheet
Solar-Log 2000 DataSheet
Product Comparison Solar-Log 300 / 1200 / 2000