Gel Type Battery

These batteries are developed to address the starting and energy needs of vehicles operating in seas, lakes and rivers. Thanks to their enhanced internal structure, they have high starting capacity as well as long life span and durability in energy consuming operations. Fixed internal structure is resistant to vibration and maintains electrolyte in inclined operating conditions.  Marin series batteries are certified by Turkish Lloyd.


Our gel type marine batteries feature the VRLA system, the cutting edge of lead acid accumulator technology. As it contains electrolytes in gel form, free electrolytes and leakage problems do not occur. Thanks to its gas recombination system, no water loss, and thus no gas output is experienced. It is suitable for use in enclosed areas. It is long lasting and durable against deep cycles with the gel system.


Product Features

- No free electrolytes thanks to the gel system. It is sealed.

- It has a very long life span thanks to its enhanced structural features.

- No gas output thanks to the gas recombination system of VRLA, suitable for use in enclosed areas.

- It has deep cycle feature (80% DoD).

- Suitable for use in energy applications.

- Features “non-flammable” material as in other marine batteries.

- It can operate in inclinations up to 90 degrees for short periods.

- Maintenance Free, Long Life


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