NORM Battery Charger is SCR controlled AC/DC rectifier with automatic constant voltage and constant current ability. All operations are controlled and progressed by micro controller. The Charger has a modular design to provide service and maintenance simplicity.


DC chargers are constant current and constant voltage type semi- conductor controlled systems. The load is protected against the failures of the DC charger since the load is fully isolated the system. In our DC charger, we use current module instead of shunt resistor so the output ripple is low and fully isolated.


Input and output are protected with MCBs and all settings like boost charge, floating charge and battery charge current can be adjusted via front panel touchpad digitally. DC output is filtered by L/C, so DC ripple at full load always slower than 1% to increase battery life. All rectifiers have standards low-battery and rectifier failure alarm.


Our DC chargers are ideal for transformer energy distribution centers, gas oil energy distribution centers, natural gas energy distribution centers, mining industry security and lighting, building automation systems and for special telecommunication applications.


- Useable DC Current Source or DC Battery Charger

- Microcontrolled

- Adjustable Output Current

- Adjustable Output Voltage

- Adjustable Float and Boost Charging Voltage

- Adjustable Timer for Boost Charging

- Individual Output for Battery and Load Electronic Over - Under Voltage, Reverse Voltage Protection

- Over Temperature, Short Circuit Protection

- Parallel or Serial Connection

- Thyristor Controlled and Full Automatic Systems with Isolated Input Transformer

- Dry Contact and Indicators