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5 Reasons Why Solar Farms Are A Great Investment

1. The sun will keep shining?: The sun will never go out. Or at least not got millions of years. Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy on earth, and it will be around forever.

2. Solar is a proven and reliable technology Solar energy has been used for decades to power small electronics, and is even used in space missions to power equipment.

3. Solar comes with standards and protections Solar energy is one of the safest electricity generating methods.

4. Solar projects are tangible You can see real results off of solar energy.

5. Solar saves money With over a 25% return on investment, solar farms are the way of the future.



A Turnkey Solar Solution

NORM is a global turnkey solar solutions provider with experience in commercial and utility PV systems across Turkey. Our expertise lies in engineering, procurement, construction, R&D, operation and maintenance, and a proprietary monitoring system developed internally.


NORM is one of the leading solar integration companies hundrets of installations and multi-megawatts of power currently installed.



• Engineering, Procurement and Construction,

• Operation and Maintenance,

• Proprietary Monitoring System,

• Asset Management,

• Independent Energy Services,

• Energy Auditing.


Contact & Showroom : Norm Energy Systems Ltd. Istanbul, Turkey